Organic Environmental Technology

The Current Condition of the Environment

Pollution, environmental pollution. An environment where lakes, rivers and the sea are being contaminated by wastewater from homes and industrial facilities, factories and manufacturing plants. Environmental destruction in which woods and whole sections of rain forest are lost to development. There is an imbalance to the way we enrich our cultures at a dear cost to the environment.

The beauties of nature are being lost one after another and environmental destruction is spreading. On a daily basis pollutants flow into rivers and the sea both from industry and households. Areas where fish are unable to live are on the rise. The oceans can no longer absorb our pollution and we are now seeing dead zones in the oceans where no life can exist due to the toxic pollution there. If mother earth were getting medical care, she would be in the emergency room in critical condition on the brink of needing life support.

Whether we like it or not or can confront it or not we all need to heed the warning signs of an impending environmental 9/11. There is still time but experts give us only about a decade to reverse the tides. This is our wake up call.

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