Organic Environmental Technology

Organic Environmental Technology

We think it is important to know how we define ourselves starting with the core concepts of the words of our name.


Organic -adjective
Involving organisms or the products of their life processes.
Free from chemical injections or additives.
[ Latin organicus, from Gk. organikos "of or pertaining to an organ," sense of "from organized living beings" is first recorded 1778 (earlier this sense was in organical, c.1450). Meaning "free from pesticides and fertilizers" first attested 1942.]

Environmental -adjective
Of, relating to, or associated with the environment.

Technology -noun
The science of the application of knowledge to practical purposes.
The use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems.
The specific methods, materials, and devices used to solve practical problems.
[Greek tekhnologia, systematic treatment of an art or craft : tekhne, skill. ]

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