Organic Environmental Technology


Below you will find the many fields that we work in. Please explore the sections below for information and products.

Waste Treatment Plants

Through the use of our proprietary microorganisms, we are able to operate aerobically or an-aerobically. With the microbes devouring toxins and sludge you get a higher output from your existing facility. Because these microbes expell anti-oxidants, your pipes and pumps will last much longer due to little or no rusting.

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Our 100% Organic "Ferti-Gro" will boost crop yields, reduce the risk of disease and give you the crops you always new were possible! Remember when we were kids and "organic" was not called Organic, everything was ORGANIC!

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As a Livestock food supplement in the water "Healthy Gro" will significantly reduce the need for anti-biotics and other medicines as well as augment the pound of meat per pound of feed ratio! You will send healthier animals to market faster, and by going organic, the entire downstream of your products will create good effects for humans and the environment!

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Odor Control

100% Organic, non-harmful to humans, plants and animals! Whether for Landfills, drilling, trenching or misting, we handle it all! Effective Odor Control for dairy, hog, poultry or cattle. Zoos, Vet clinics and Animal Shelters can all benefit with this 100% Organic Product.

Effective Microorganisms™ can help control the tremendous amounts of ammonia found on large poultry operations. Ammonia gas rising from the litter can burn the breasts and feet of the birds and cause blindness in the birds as well. At very high concentrations ammonia becomes lethal. The average poultry house will have about 20-29ppm of ammonia.

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