Organic Environmental Technology


Below you will find the many fields that we work in. Please explore the sections below for information and products.


Restaurant Solution™ is an all-natural cleaner containing powerful microbes, anti-oxidants and enzymes which break down tough grease, grime and dirt. "Restaurant Solution" is a Probiotic and works in the opposite manner from anti-bacterial products. While anti-bacterial products attempt to kill bad bacteria, "Restaurant Solution" uses beneficial and effective microorganisms to regenerate good bacteria. As an all natural cleaner, "Restaurant Solution" repopulates an area with healthy bacteria so they dominate and overpower harmful, disease and odor causing bacteria. This creates a healthy, clean and vibrant environment

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Golf Courses

Ferti-Gro (Golf Design), a 100% Organic fertilizer, is a proprietary blend of Humic Acid, beneficial microbes, and other beneficial minerals and ingredients that help restore your lawn and turf to the picture you have in your mind. Ferti-Gro will fully rebalance your lawn and turf into a beautifully restored, disease resistant and healthy environment.

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Through our unique blend of proprietary beneficial microbes, you will find a refreshing cleanliness to your hotel room and restaurants of your favorite hotel. With no masking odors from chemicals, these 100% Organic beneficial microbes neutralize toxins, from smoke odors, back of house kitchen odors, carpet, tile and restrooms. Because they put off anti-oxidants as a "waste" your entire plumbing lines will last longer and you're downstream effects become positive instead of negative.

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Pond Magician is a pond cleaner made of a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms that have as their food source, toxic substances. Pond Magician cleans ponds and lakes by "competitive exclusion" of harmful bacteria, and benefits your fish and flaura as it well.

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